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Helmet for cricket with CI's

Enquiry: Hi there, my son is 10 and was fitted with dual CIs in November. He plays cricket and at present during matches he has to take off his CIs as they slip/fall off when he wears his helmet. Could you please advise if there is anyone in UK who makes helmets for CI wearers?

Reply: Thanks for your enquiry. I do not know of a specific company who makes them for CI wearers but there are a number of links on the web with information on what to do and how to modify helmets. Perhaps someone on the forum knows of a company?

Here are some some useful info and websites about helmets.

Helmets and hearing loss

I look so I can hear Blog

Advice from Cochlear ion helmets.

Blog about helmets from CI wearer

CI HELP website page on helmets

Posted on June 23, 2014 16:07


Hi. My little boy plays hurling and we just asked the manufacturers to modify a helmet for him. They did so by putting grids over the ear section (no extra cost either)! Ask whoever makes cricket helmets and see what they come up with. Good luck.

Posted by Angela Carr on July 29, 2014 19:17

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