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What do you think of the N6 wireless accessories?

I have an N6 and using some of the wireless accessories. I was just interested in what other people's experiences of them, like the battery life?

Reply: Thanks for your query an will be interesting to see hat other people's experiences are. The new wireless technology in general is a great advancement Here is a link to more information about the N6 Wireless Accessories

Posted on June 30, 2015 15:12


I have all three accessories now, the tv streamer is brilliant, not just with tv, but with anything you can link it to - mine spends a lot of time piping the output of a DAB radio to me, all over the house and Garden. Battery considerations are, of course, irrelevant. The mini mike is extremely versatile, gives excellent clear feed from a presenter wearing it, and streams from anything you can plug it into. I love the phone clip! Phone in the pocket or the dashboard, clip on your shirt, efffortless clear communication (apart from the gables of course) - I can use my iphone anyway, but it's just so convenient. As for battery life, they last all day for me, and are routinely charged overnight. With the processor battery charger and the 2 accessories charging, the corner of my bedroom looks like a little light display!

Posted by David Walton on September 21, 2015 17:59

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