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Who else has the N6 phone accessory?

Enquiry: I liked the previous posting about the cochlear accessories. I have the phone clip and it is amazing and it help alot now I can listening to music with out any one else hearing it. Just 1 thing about the phone clip is when I want to listen to muics it keep going off and on every 5 min but part from that it so amazing I really love it thank you. Anyone else found this?

Reply: thanks for your comments.

Posted on July 5, 2015 19:29


We haven't got one yet but we can't wait, it looks great and our daughter is desperate to get one

Posted by Richard Lord on July 5, 2015 22:28

I think the problem is caused by the phone / clip link as the phone gets a notification about email, Facebook etc. Mine does the same thing when streaming, and dulls the sound when just in phone mode. Feature of the operating system, which is primarily to link with phone function.

Posted by David Walton on September 21, 2015 17:44

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