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Tips for linking up my FM to smart board and TV?

Query: On a course recently I was told about various options for setting up the white board and soundfield system so that it benefitted the deaf child in my class wearing a cochlear implant but also did not for example block the sound from YouTube clips for the rest of the class. He showed us the different options depending on the set up of speakers etc. Please could you tell me what these are?

Reply: This is an important issue and depending on how your schools sound field or computer is set up it can be fairly easy to plug in a splitter cable to make sure the deaf child’s FM system is plugged into one end but then the general phono lead from the computer is put in the other. Otherwise the sound as you say will be cut off for the rest of the class. The diagram shows you how you would set this system up, whether it is a TV or a white board.

Special thanks to Chris Albert, Technical Support Officer for these photos and links.

Audio set up diagram

For where to get this SCART lead as seen in the diagram above

Click here

Here are some options, with photos of how to identify and links of where to purchase them:

3.5 mm connector

Phono to 3.5 mm

Phono to 3.5 mm: where to find it?

Phono Y Splitter

male to female gold

Phono splitter :where to find it

Alternative option: Scart to 3.5 mm output

scart alternative

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Thank you for this information, much appreciated

Posted by Tiffany Moorcroft on November 21, 2015 19:34

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