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Which stethoscope is best to link to CI?

I'm currently trying to get a stethoscope to link to my cochlear implant. I'm having trouble getting it funded as they aren't so available in UK. It will need to come from America I see it has been on the forum and would like to know:

Which one did you go for? Does it work well? Lastly did you manage get funding?

Reply: I know we have had this topic on the forum before on this link:

Need stethoscope to link to CI

It would be great to hear from the forum to hear their experiences. We will do some digging too.

Posted on March 21, 2016 10:40


My son uses an E scope stethoscope model w/sn0306646B which he purchased from Cardionics in the tel 001 281 488 5901. They were really very helpful when I rang them. He also purchased a V scope which has a visual display and prints a read out.He is studying physiotherapy and finds that he can hear the lung sounds with the E scope . He hears with bilateral cochlear CI's and a bilateral audio lead from cochlear is required to attach the stethoscopes to the implants. A map is required from cochlear America who are also very helpful if you ring them ( the time difference means you can do this in an evening!) and they will send the mapping details to the implant programme to put into the processor on a seperate programme. You should be able to get this listed on a DSA initial list for equiptment . Are you wanting to listen to heart or lung sounds or both and are you a student?

Posted by Annie Wilson on March 23, 2016 20:37

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