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Need help with music and my cochlear implant

Enquiry: My wife has had her CI for 6 months and finds her experience of music has completely changed. For example hymns in church sound unrecognisable to before. We heard about an app or something online that could help, could you help please?

Reply:Thank you for your query and well done for persevering with it as it sounds like it is an important part of her life. It is not easy getting used to new technology and the cochlear implant and finding ways to enjoy the things you used to. It can take time and lots of focussed practice when it comes to music.

Now here are a few links that you might find useful:

Ear Foundation Adult support services

Adults tell us how useful it is to meet up with people who know what they are going through. Here is the link and look out for our calendar of events, music appreciation is often on the programme.

Sound Advice calendar of events

This is an interesting group I found from Southampton university all about helping people with cochlear implants to enjoy music. It also has an online training module, called More from Music. [break

More from Music Online music training programme

(Be aware when I first clicked on the site above it came up with an error message but had the option to go to the saved site and that worked)

For more information about what Southampton university is doing with music here is the link:

Southampton music with a cochlear implant

Finally here are some other links to pages on different websites and advice and experiences CI users have shared:

Music Solutions from Advanced Bionics

Nucleus 5 How to enjoy music

Med-el How we remember music

A users story: experiencing music through a cochlear implant

Finally here is a good article to read:

Music enjoyment and cochlear implants

Southampton University news: help with enjoying music with your cochlear implant

Posted on March 8, 2017 13:47

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