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Playing netball in the rain will my cochlear implant be ok?

Query: I would just like some advice about what to do with my daughter's cochlear implant during her netball match. It may be a bit drizzly weather wise and I'm not sure if I should get her to wear the aqua accessory? Is this necessary or can it cope with a bit of moisture? She wears a Nucleus N6.

Reply:Thank you for your query and know it's really important that your daughter feels comfortable wearing her cochlear implant while playing sport. The good news about the nucleus 6 is it is highly water resistant to she would be absolutely fine to wear it for netball. I have included some information from Cochlear about the water proofing in particular.

"The Nucleus 6 is highly water-resistant and even waterproof.The Nucleus 6 Sound Processor has a high water resistant rating of IP57* making it sweat-proof, even in high humidity. The N6 Sound Processor is also treated with an innovative nano-coating that provides the ultimate protective barrier against water damage and means you or your child can take a shower, play in the tub and splash in the pool to your heartís content.

More information about the N^ can be found on the link below:

Nucleus 6 from Cochlear

Posted on March 28, 2017 15:24

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