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New to working with babies and toddlers

Query: I have just started working with a couple of babies with hearing loss. My previous experience has been with school age children so I am looking for some resources that would give me information about working with families and young children. Can you suggest where to start?

Reply: Hi there… what an exciting change you have. Whilst working with infants with hearing loss can be challenging it can be equally rewarding as you work with families to help them support their child’s development. You clearly understand that your major role is to work with families on their understanding of hearing loss and the impact on their child’s development. Providing the appropriate supports to families through effective collaboration to develop appropriate targets and strategies which are embedded in the daily routines of family life. Working with parents is often quite a different focus for teachers of the deaf so I would suggest you consider participating in some cpd for working with families. Two ideas are

Early Intervention: Develop Listening and Spoken Language (Intensive Week)

Communication and Counselling Programme

Both of these courses provide valuable information for working with very young deaf children and their families.

Posted on April 25, 2017 17:11

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