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'What are your feeling?' Resource for those working with deaf children

Query: The NDCS together with the Ear Foundation have collaborated to update the “What are you feeling? “ resource for professionals working with children who have a hearing loss. Have you seen the re-edited version?

Reply:The idea behind the resource is to support the development and extension of how children with a hearing loss: Are able to identify a wide range of feelings Are able to talk about the possible causes and implications of emotions Are able to practice problem solving skills and generate ideas for managing and overcoming negative emotions.

The resource has additional sections that include “Extend your language” and “stretch your thinking”, which look at idioms as well as touch on aspects of theory of mind and perspective taking.

It's a flexible resource – it can be used as a basic colouring book and matching game for the youngest of children, with ideas for role-playing and discussion topics for older children. The topics can be revisited according to the needs of children and the demands of the National Curriculum.

Includes British Sign Language (BSL) signs and finger spelling.

For more information about how to download the resource follow the link below:

What are you feeling?

Posted on May 1, 2017 20:29

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