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Play Resources for Working with Young Children and their Families

QUERY TEMPLATE Query: I'm looking for resources on typical play development. Any resources on how to coach parents on types of toys or what this looks like would be helpful. Ideally I'm looking for a resource that discusses all the stages of play, describes them, and gives ages of typical development, and maybe even why play development is important. Thanks!??

Reply: Thanks for the great question. You will find lots of ideas on the forum about play and coaching and supporting families. Below are a couple of resources that might be useful. When it comes to types of toys I would encourage you to look at how you can support the child development through the daily routines of their life as well as look at the toys the family has so they are well equipped to continue ‘playing’ with their child even when you aren’t visiting. Look for objects and toys in the home which allow for open ended play and encourages engaging with others as this helps develop communication and language skills as well as expand learning overall. You can also find some links to courses/workshops which might help also.

The Development of Play Skills From Birth to 3 Years

The Developmental Progression of Play Skills

A Musical Approach to Developing Communication

Developing Imaginative Play Workshop

Posted on August 11, 2017 13:13

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