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Query: I was wondering about talking to my child's mainstream class about hearing loss/equipment etc? I'm going to do this at the start of school and I'm looking for ideas on what to say to the teachers and the kids. Does anyone have other ideas on what to say? It's reception level.?

Reply: That is a great question. It is a common concern and question asked by parents every year. Your teacher of the deaf and school SENCO should be able to provide you with support as your child starts school as well as continue to support your child and their teachers and peers throughout the year.

There are many different resources you can use.There are some great storybooks appropriate for reading to children. Titles include

Cosmo Gets and Ear – Gary Clemente 1994

Let’s Hear It For Almigal

Harmony Hears A Hoot

Additionally there are resources online which may be useful. Depending on what technology your child uses you might find a specific website useful however a lot of the resources and tips are good for any child with hearing loss.

ADVANCED BIONICS have a suite of resources called Tools for Schools which you might find useful. It is broken down into Preschool and School. It has a number of different downloads you can print and share or better yet share the link with you school

COCHLEAR has a similar selection of resources School-Age Rehabilitation Resources where you will find a range of handouts and resources to help in various ways from listening to technology to literacy and more.

MED EL has a blog which has many different individual posts that you might find useful. You can find their blog online at MED EL Blog – Supporting Your Child with a Cochlear Implant at School

PHONAK has a great resource called Leo’s World which has stories, videos etc about hearing aids and school.

OTICON has a page full of resources Your Hearing- School Aged Child

These are all good starting points. Remember to personalise and share your child’s story – describe what they need to feel confident and relaxed in an environment. Being specific is important

Posted on August 23, 2017 16:08

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