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My 2 year old wants to play with the i-pad all the time

Query: My 2 year old wants to play with the i-pad all the time. Should I be worried?

Reply:In homes all over the UK (and many other countries) parents are having the same thoughts, ‘how much screen time is ok?’ We all know the benefit of a babysitter (especially at 6am), when you need an extra 30 minutes sleep or just long enough to brush your teeth. But what if you’re child wants your phone or i-pad all the time?
There are currently no medical or governmental guidelines on screen time in the UK. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recognises not all screen activities are created equal. So rather than the ‘don’t give them your phone’ advice, lists ways you can make screen activities learning opportunities. It’s less babysitter, more tool for learning.
Adapted from the AAP advice (October 2016) • Under 18 months: Video chatting (such as skype and facetime) is great (tv watching and game playing less so) • 18 – 24 months: Choose carefully, watch and play with your child. Talk together about what you’ve seen and find ways to act it out using real objects and toys. • 2 – 5 years: Limit screen time to one hour per day. Choose tv programmes and apps carefully, has some great ideas. All screen time is not created equally and technology has much to offer. It opens up a new world of opportunity and can encourage problem solving and foster creativity.

But – how much is too much? Research studies tell us the jury’s still out on the impact of screen time, good or bad. But as a babysitter….. I’ll let you decide.

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Posted on September 16, 2017 14:47

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