Sounding Board


Simulations of hearing loss

Starkey sound simulation

Starkey Sound Simulator

This is a good sound simulator for various hearing losses, simple to use and understand.

Authur Boothroyd article

The real sound sof hearing loss Arthur Boothroyd article

This article by the well known Arthur Boothroyd has embedded sound simulations of a variety of types of hearing losses:

NDCS hearing loss simulations

NDCS website: Sound Simulations of different hearing losses.

The National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS) have got various hearing loss simulations, inclduing a section for cochlear implants. You can listen to the simulations to get an idea of what it is like to be in different types of classrooms while wearing cochlear implants.

Deaf awaress for peer awareness

Deaf Awareness peer resource

On the Ear Foundation's website under Education online, you can access a free deaf awareness training presentation with resources. It has been created for secondary school, but can be adapted. It includes a power point presentation, sound clips of various hearing losses and video clips of teenagers. It is a Dropbox link that you can download.

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