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Aqua Accessories

Aqua Accessories

Each of the Cochlear Implant manufacturers have solutions around how to use their brand of cochlear implant processor in water.

The aqua accessories form a large part of the accessories available as recipients are looking for ways to use their processors during bath time, while swimming and enjoying water sports.
Listed below are the options available:

Advanced Bionics

There are two main products, the Neptune processor as well as the Aqua Plus accessory for use with their latest speech processor, the Niada Ci.
The Neptune device from Advanced is fully waterproof and does not need to be enclosed in an accessory; it is fully waterproof as is. For more information see Sounding Board

Neptune processor

Neptune 100
Advanced Bionics have just launched this new aqua accessory, making the Niada CI fully waterproof, with all the options of Neptune from bathing, swimming and even surfing! For more information see the link below:

Aqua Case from Advanced Bionics

AB Aqua Case

For more information that you can read and print off for your families see this newsletter article about the Aqua Case from Advanced Bionics:

Download an article about the Aqua case here

Aqua case For all detailed brochures about the AquaCase from Advanced Bionics as well as this user guide in 10 different languages from Spanish, Dutch to Chinese and Polish. For more information click the link below:
AquaCase Brochures in 10 different languages


Although Cochlear do not have a speech processor equivalent to Advanced Bionicís , fully waterproof option ie the Neptune, they do have aqua accessories to use with their existing processors.

Cochlear aqua accessory for the nucleus 5 and 6
Aqua accessory Cochlear n6

Look out for Cochlear making their new Aqua plus aqua accessory available to the UK market very soon. It is a new streamlined accessory that houses the Nucleus 6, making swimming and water sports possible. It is reusable and for more details follow the link below:

Nucleus Aqua Plus

Cochlear Aqua plus for N6

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