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The NDCS has a new booklet called Who Am I? Parent to Parent Being the parent of a teenager can be both testing and rewarding. For parents of a deaf teenager there can be additional challenges. In this publication young people and their parents offer advice to other parents based on their own experiences. This version is in Punjabi.

The NDCS has produced a leaflet called Family Support - Punjabi which outlines the services offered by Freephone Helpline, family officers, benefits appeals advisers and education appeals advisers.

The NDCS has produced a DVD called Communication Begins at Home which follows six young deaf children aged three years or below and looks at how their families communicate with them on a typical day. It is also available in Punjabi.

The NDCS has produced a DVD called All Together in which grandparents, fathers and siblings share their thoughts and feelings about having a deaf child in their family. A number of family activities are shown and activity cards are included in the pack. It is available in Punjabi.

The NDCS has produced a DVD called Positive Parenting which includes information on self-esteem (for children and parents), behaviour management, communication, play and reading, and wider family contact and community. It also includes stories from black and minority ethnic (BME) families of deaf children talking about their own experiences of parenting. This has a voice over in Punjabi.

There is a book about Early Support with Cochlear Implants which was translated into Punjabi by the Nottingham Cochlear Implant Programme and The Ear Foundation. This booklet can now be downloaded free from The Ear Foundation website.

Early Support in Punjabi

The DVD “Cochlear Implants for Deaf Babies and Young Children” produced for Early Support by The Ear Foundation has an accompanying booklet in Urdu and Punjabi. For more information on this video go to

The NDCS also produced a booklet in Punjabi called Understanding deafness: An introductory guide to different types of deafness and hearing tests which can be downloaded from their website. You can also download an English version

The NDCS has also produced a booklet called 'Helping Your Deaf Child to Learn' which is available in Punjabi. It comes in two parts and has been written to support parents in helping their child to learn. Parents of deaf children have contributed the information, activities, hints and tips.

In addition the NDCS also produce a DVD called 'Communication Matters'. It is available with subtitles in Punjabi. Good communication is essential to developing confidence and success and enables deaf children and young people to be part of their families and the world around them. In this DVD Asian children, young people and their families talk about deafness and communication and share the strategies they use at home to foster communication. For more information go to this page on the NDCS website.

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