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Advanced Bionics

The following resources are available from Advanced Bionics on their European website in the Professionals section:

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  • What is a cochlear implant?
  • Tools for Parents
  • Tools for Users
  • Tools for Schools
  • Tools for Professionals
  • Cochlear Implants in the Classroom
  • Using an FM system with a cochlear implant
  • Quality Assessment Questionnaire
  • Steps Package
  • As well as all the product brochures for Harmony, Auria and PSP

    Cochlear Implant Dernegi

    is an organization for cochlear implant users in Turkey.

    Turkish logo

    Cochlear Implant Dernegi

    have a website with lots of information about implants in Turkish.

    You can also download a document about cochlear implants in Turkish here: KOKLEAR IMPLANT

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