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Advanced Bionics

The following resources are available from Advanced Bionics on their European website in the Professionals section:

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  • What is a cochlear implant?
  • What are you looking for in a cochlear implant?
  • Identification Card
  • Tools for Parents
  • Tools for Users
  • Tools for Schools
  • Tools for Professionals
  • Cochlear Implants in the Classroom
  • Using an FM system with a cochlear implant
  • Quality Assessment Questionnaire
  • Ling Six Sound Test
  • Loudness Scale
  • Steps Package
  • As well as all the product brochures for Harmony, Auria and PSP

    Also available from The Ear Foundation

    • A Sound Start
    • Setting Off With Words
    • STEPS package
    • Music Time

    Barnplantorna dvd Barnplantorna in Sweden has produced a dvd entitled 'Cochlear Implants - A New Sense of Hearing'. It brings together accounts of implantation from parents, professionals, children and adolescents with cochlear implants. It is available with Italian subtitles. For more information contact
    Barnplantorna book Barnplantorna is Sweden has also produced a picture book for children entitled Kerry receives a cochlear implant. This explains in an easy-going manner all the steps from the first meeting with the doctor and the family up until Kerry starts to hear. It is aimed at siblings and other young children who come across a child with an implant. It is available in Italian. For more information contact

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