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Be very careful when you use Facebook and Bebo and all the others! Remember that anyone can go on the web. If you put information or pictures on the web, itís possible that anyone can see them. It's easy to think "It won't happen to me" but it might!

Some rules

  • 1) Privacy settings: Set it so only your friends can see your profile. If you want to know how to do this, click on this link.

  • 2)Photos: only upload photos that you would be happy for your Mum or Dad to see. Donít think about looking good for your friends, think about your safety.
    You could use a graphic or a picture of your favourite band or team instead of your real photo.
    Donít put photos in school uniformÖ people can find out which school you go to.

  • 3)Information: Donít tell people what you are doing or where you are going on your profile.
    Don't put your address or your phone number or email address on your home page.
    It's best not to use your real name. Use your initials or a nick name instead. If you use a nick name, don't choose a sexy one.

  • 4)Password Never tell anybody your password, not even your best friend.

  • 5) Only accept friends if you know them. Donít accept friends of friendsÖ. You donít know them. Donít chat to people you donít know. Be careful what you say to people..

  • 6) If you are unhappy about something that is happening Ė save the evidence (eg print out the conversation) if you can and then tell somebody. You can tell the administrator of the website. Tell somebody you trust.

  • 7)If it is serious, you should report it to CEOP. They look after everybodyís safety on the web. You can contact CEOP by clicking on this symbol.
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    Childline On-line Safety

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